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New or second hand mobile homes for sale in Chamaret in the Drôme

With 24 years experience,we have developed a quality campsite to meet the needs of our owners.

Our campsite does not belong to any group, it’s a family business! We are very close to our residents that we meet every day and we are always attentive to their needs.

Because we are very committed to the satisfaction of our customers, we give them all guarantees to take full advantage of their purchase..

Our guarantees / commitments

Mobile homes on 130m² to more than 250m² wooden plots for sale.

Mobile homes currently for sale



Modèle 2 chambres 40m²
Tout équipé : réfrigérateur/congélateur, hotte, four,
lave-linge, micro-onde, climatiseur, TV, salon de jardin...
Terrasse couverte partiellement, abri de jardin 2m²

Parcelle : 3 490€

Parcelle n° 09 Capacidad : 4 pers. pers. Superficie : 39 m2 Année : 2007 Prix : 31000.00 €
O'HARA 834 / 2 chambres

O'HARA 834 / 2 chambres

Modèle 2 chambres, entièrement équipé,
micro-onde, mini-four, lave-linge, climatiseur mobile,
vaisselle, radiateur dans chaque pièce,
TV + antenne
Terrasse couverte partiellement, salon de jardin, abri de jardin

Parcelle 2 940€/an
Parcelle n°24 Capacidad : 6 pers. Superficie : 33 m2 Année : 2004 Prix : 21000.00 €